June 10, 2019 2 min read

The Healthy Life Advocate is just one of the Digital Diva Ventures that promote living a healthy, happy, prosperous life. In this digital age too many sacrifice their health which causes stress, illness and living an unhappy life. Poor diet, lack of exercise and sleeping poorly have become the norm in our society.  

We are so busy in our hurry-up world, that we don't make adequate time to nurture ourselves. It’s necessary to have a healthy mind and body to age well and stay vibrant. Create a sacred space where you can sit quietly and meditate. Include essential oils that are calming and soothing. The Diva Deals body mists: Energy, Release and Loveall have essential oils with wonderfulscents that bring a sense of calm. I suggest you also check out the throat chakra bracelet, which has a stone of protection and courage – it helps to open your mind to acquire intellectual growth and inner knowledge – it also helps to promote verbal expression to strengthen verbal reasoning bringing peace and serenity to one’s mind.

Holding on to a negative mindset serves no purpose, it affects your body, your behavior, your outlook on life and the atmosphere of your home. The crown chakra bracelet is a very strong healing stone – it helps to turn negative energy to positive energy. Look into your heart and see what is causing the negativity and do whatever is necessary to think positive thoughts. Wearing reminders like the wealth & protection bracelet also help provide top of mind awareness with positivity.  If you need to forgive. Forgive!!! If you need to let go. Let go!!!! If you need to say you are sorry. Say it!!! Believe in you. God made you with purpose in mind. Go for it! Begin now to live life. Love life! Love others! But most important, Love Yourself!!! 

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